2020 Vision

Just imagine having an official month of 30 Days of Kindness, let’s say every September is the official month whereby communities, families, schools, businesses and individuals from all of the UK, if not the globe will sign up to do the Kindness matters 30-day Challenge.

Just imagine how much kindness we could share with the world.

What do you think is stopping you and I in making this happen, I will tell you what is stopping us, NOTHING.

Do you know why I believe it is achievable, and why it will become a reality across the globe because something very similar happened to me in 2012, when I had my vision for writing Kindness Matters?

When I say vision, please forgive me, I do not want you to be thinking that my big spring has gone, and I walk around in white robes and have people address me as John Magee the Kindness Guru.

Like most things in my life that have formed for the benefit of others, it began with a thought and the differences that had the effect with this specific thought was that, it assumed control over the greater part of my beings, I just could not stop thinking about how much of a difference this would make in people’s lives.

I designed a lesson plan called RAOK “random acts of kindness” for “STREETS UK”. A not for profit organisation I am co-founder of, and Managing Director

At this time in my life, I was busy that if you were to have cut me into four pieces, I would still not be enough of me to go around completing the work that was coming my way.

However, the thought/idea that took over my being was for me to use my life experiences to inspire students and families from various communities throughout the North West of the UK, in order to sign up to take part in a 30-day Kindness challenge.

I encouraged everyone I was mentoring and working to look for daily opportunities with no expectation of any reward.

It could be as simple as paying a compliment, smiling or opening a door.

What happened over the coming months was out of this world, I witnessed a massive transformation in all who took part in the Kindness Challenge.

I felt it in my bones and could see that I had to make Kindness Matters, and the 30 Day Challenge a global movement as with every ounce of my breath, I knew this could have a profound effect on peoples lives on a daily basis.

Anybody that knows me knows that I do not do things by half’s and everything I do is to help and support people with their well-being.

Five years have flown by, and now I have a global community of over 100,000 individuals who lock in daily to chat with like-minded people who understand just how much Kindness Matters.

What I am aiming to achieve for the global movement

I believe we can accomplish the 2020 vision for September being the annual official month for the “Kindness Matters”. 30 Day Challenge

  •    To have a Celebrity Kindness Ambassadors in each hometown/City.
  •    My hometown of Blackburn with Darwen to be recognised as a Kindness Community.
  •    Local authorities to sign up to support Schools, community groups, families and individuals to do the 30 Day Challenge.
  •    John Magee Global Kindness Matters tour.
  •    Speak on TED EX and share my global vision.

Just last week, a big step towards my 2020 vision was complete. I had a meeting with a global celebrity who has agreed to become the first Kindness Ambassadors for my hometown with a view for different stars to sign up, and become Kindness ambassadors for their hometown/city “how good is that”

I will leave you a parting gift to whom the celebrity is… let’s just say he is the four times world superbike champion 😉

Let me sign off by saying this.  In life, there will always be people who think your vision/ideas are a bit far out and not achievable, but all that we are is our thoughts, don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t achieve what you are THINKING.

Just take action, get up daily, keep moving forward to what you WANT, and more importantly what you believe in.

It is only a matter of time before your vision will become your reality.

I look forward to you joining me and my global community. Sign up to do the 30 Day Challenge and change the world one person at a time. Join the movement now visit http://bit.ly/KindnessMatters

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” –  Steve Jobs


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