30 self-care tips

Busy busy busy. The story of my life! Like most people on a daily basis, I can find myself meeting myself coming backwards. Although I like to be busy, I also want to have time for ME.

Whether we like it or not we now live in a world whereby we do not have time even to scratch our backsides, wouldn’t you agree? So if you are anything like me, there comes the point in your life where you have to step back and check yourself before you wreck yourself and schedule time in your daily activities to have some self-care.

“Prevention before the intervention.”

Most of us wait until we are burnt out and then say we are going to have a day of self-care and here is where the problem lies.

If we can find time to shower, dress, eat, work, sleep then surely we can find time to have some daily lifestyle choices that can dovetail with our daily/weekly self-care.

For me personally, I do The Miracle Morning thanks to my good friend Hal Elrod if you have not read his book the Miracle Morning then you are missing a trick when it comes to self-care check his site out here https://www.miraclemorning.com/.

I get up at 5 am most days and have two hours (self-care) which allows me to run at my optimum, and if I had a pound for every time, somebody says to me “Hey John how do you fit everything in and get so much done.” I would be a rich man.

Now, I am not saying that you have to get up at 5 am like me, what I would encourage you to do is do what works for you but here is the thing. “Don’t put off today what you won’t do tomorrow.” It’s about forming a new habit a habit that is going to be an integral part of you being less stressed, having more energy, sleeping better, better relationships with your self and others.

Here are some examples of the things you can do daily/weekly

Read a book…for pleasure

take a class

Watch your favourite movies

schedule time to do nothing

take a bath

take a walk in nature



have a break from social media

listen to music that makes you happy

spend time with people you love or like

put candles out for dinner

buy fresh flowers

Practice daily positive affirmations

eat healthy food

talk to friends on the phone


(This is my favourite) Being kind to myself I like a slice of cake, chocolate, crisps, fish & chips, pizza, hot cocoa etc. Naturally, I don’t eat this all at once honestly 😉

Since writing this blog, I have been inspired to make a commitment to my Kindness Matters community and share 30 self-care tips via my Instagram @kindnessgives look up the hashtag #KINDNESSTIPS and no doubt you will see my beautiful face being of service to you.

Until next time thank you for your kindness.

John Magee