Be yourself

Be yourself because everybody else is taken.

One of the many things I love about being me is being me 🙂

Seriously I do not take myself to seriously and one of the reasons why is because I just blatantly believe life is to short.

I think we will all agree that we all have role models or people we may copy their habits and behaviours or what I call “Monkey See, Monkey do” to me it appears to me that so many people are trying to be hard something they are not.

I believe here lies some of our problems because we are just not being ourselves, so the question is? If you are not yourself, who are you being?

If some people choose to not like you for who you are, then you are entitled to move forward and do your thing or like Dori say’s from Finding Nemo “Keep swimming.”

One of the many things that every human being can be including you and I is kind, and for the record, you will be yourself.

You see kindness is a universal language which we all speak and understand and when we are kind we are our authentic self, and you can express it the way you want. On the flipside don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with copying other peoples kindness that you can make a difference with, and you know you could weave into your day to day life.

Before I sign off let me say to you all that you are perfect in every way you are loved, cared for and thought about more than you possibly know.

Go easy on yourself, and most of all continue to be yourself because everybody else is taken.

Thank you for your kindness