An Uprising of a Kindness – Edufuturists

An Uprising of a Kindness – Edufuturists

By the very nature of our name – Edufuturists – we are passionate about exploring what is coming next. Usually, this can be seen as a rejection of the present in favour of a different way. Although we acknowledge much that needs work in our current education system, we are also committed to recognising brilliance within it. 

That’s why we started the Edufuturists Awards four years ago: we want to celebrate others who are pushing the envelope, setting the bar and blazing a trail. We believe that recognising and championing others is about a series of acts of kindness. 

Nominations that always remain anonymous start the process. A diverse and impressive panel of judges pore over evidence to make informed decisions about a highly commended shortlist. Winners are announced, lauded and recognised at our annual event, which for the first time since 2020, was in person this year in Leeds. 

This year saw 11 award winners, including Outstanding Achievement for the revolutionary that is Bob Harrison, Edufuturist of the Year for the kindest man in tech, Al Kingsley, and Wellbeing Champion for our very own John Magee, as well as 30+ highly commended entrants. 

Kindness transcends awards; it’s about acknowledging the achievements of others, uniting as a community to celebrate, and sharing stories that inspire change.

We want to continue to do this not just at an annual awards event or even our weekly podcast and newsletter – that’s why we are establishing the Wolfpack Community this summer (sign up here for free to be on the waitlist). In The Law of the Jungle, Rudyard Kipling famously said,

The strength of the pack is the wolf, 

And the strength of the wolf is the pack.

We are better together – community, collaboration, communication – and this is our opportunity for kindness. We hope you will join us as we grow – it isn’t about us three Northern blokes who are a bit ranty and sweary on a podcast; it’s about the collective, the difference we can make together, an uprising of kindness to ourselves and one another. 

As the great Maya Angelou reminds us, “Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.” This is the Edufuturist’s Way: unapologetic, authentic, and revolutionary, celebrating the brilliance in others.

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Ben, Dan & Steve – 

Would you like to contribute and inspire other members of staff?

If the answer is YES, here is what to do:

Fill in the form below, and one of our team will contact you.

If you visited our Kindness Matters website but do not have a Twitter account, do reach out, and one of our team will be in touch.

Thank you for your kindness

Your Kindness Coach


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