Kindness Empowers

Kindness Empowers – Kat Cauchi

Reflect, inspire, support, empower – The community of R.I.S.E. Magazine.

In spring 2021, the renowned CEO and Top 10 Edruptor, Al Kingsley, gave me an idea. He wanted NetSupport to create a resource to support the education community as part of giving back to the community we serve – a free online magazine – and he wanted me to lead it. Fast forward to September 2021, and the first issue of R.I.S.E. Magazine was published. In March 2023, we are preparing to release our sixth issue, and I can’t believe how much has changed!

What makes R.I.S.E. special?

What is important about R.I.S.E. is that it’s a collaborative magazine that empowers many voices across education. It is chock full of diverse voices.

However, it is more than a magazine. Our many contributors over these past few issues have formed a R.I.S.E. community – we even have a DM group on Twitter! What has been wonderful to see is how the members have all been connecting with one another and supporting each other too. Seeing how it has led to so many opportunities has been amazing.

When anyone in the group needs a shout-out or help to share something far and wide, everyone jumps in to help. If someone needs advice, everyone jumps in to help. If someone is looking for volunteers to write a podcast or to join an event, everyone jumps in to help. Everyone jumps in to support someone who is having a tough time. Contributors have shared that through being part of the group, they have made important connections and had opportunities they wouldn’t have found out about otherwise, such as the chance to speak at an event or develop a resource.

Thanks to the group, I was able to create my first ever research report, ‘The impact of teaching on personal relationships,’ based on conversations had in the group about how members had been personally negatively impacted and how it needed to change to members providing quotes, expertise and support to get this important piece of work rolling. I am so grateful for all their help; it was vital.

The kindness the group has shown is astounding, it really is a safe and supportive space for reflection, inspiration, support and empowerment, or should I say space to ‘R.I.S.E.’!

Kat Cauchi

NetSupport’s Community Engagement Manager, Editor of R.I.S.E. Magazine, ReallySchool Product Manager and Of Primary Importance Podcast Host. Global Equality Collective Member, Global EdTech Author, Technocamps GiST Role Model, and Innovate <her> Role Model. Former Primary School Teacher.

Twitter: @ReallyschoolK

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