Red Flags – Lynn How

Red Flags – Lynn How

Red Flags

A gradual or sudden diminishing chat,
Sense of humour malfunction, and their mood is quite flat.

Are they rubbing their temples with a look of despair?
In staff meetings, do they just sit and stare?

Or maybe they articulate a negative view,
Can’t take on all this new stuff; too much work to do.

Looking quite tired but too wired to sleep,
Those OFSTED dreams come when the stress is knee-deep.

Deadlines swirl in their head; they can’t take much more,
Family life suffers, signs they shouldn’t ignore.

When you see these red flags, even just one or two,
It’s time to take action; you’ll know what to do.

Show compassion and kindness, have a good natter,
Explain that their mental health really does matter.

Just this one small act can make a huge impact,
When handled with your sensitivity and tact.

A reminder that we should always put ourselves first,
A negative mindset can and will be reversed.

Regardless of pupils, perceived consequences or deadlines,
Take away guilt, and we can clearly see stress signs.

Speaking out when we’re struggling is powerful stuff,
It’s time to be brave when we’ve had enough.

We’re no good to children if we’re close to burnout,
Nor to our family, in that, there should be no doubt.

Speak to yourself as you would your best friend,
and if you’re feeling fine, then your ear you can lend.

As a profession, it’s time to break the taboo.
The load is too great; teachers are only human too.

So spot those red flags, check-in and support,
You may be the only one to give that colleague much thought.

Let’s also lead our schools with kindness and compassion
Not simply quote wellbeing policy parrot fashion.

Compassionate schools have a heart-centred core,
Staff, pupils and leaders have an excellent rapport.

Retention is high; staff happy and giving,
Being joyful at work is the best way of living!

So, reflect on stress levels and burnout potential,
Ignoring the signs could be quite detrimental.

Is it time for a wellbeing shift, a new school or a new start?
Consider work life and be led by your heart.

Lynn How
Twitter: @Positive_Y_Mind

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