“You never know what someone’s going through.” – Rhiannon Challenger

“You never know what someone’s going through.” Rhiannon Challenger

I try to be kind in all I do.

I always try to be positive and encouraging. About six years ago, I was very down because I felt I had been kind to ‘friends’, but the same was not reciprocated.

I felt I had been taken advantage of because of my kindness. I was angry for a long time and was very reserved. I did the bare minimum and quit work, but family and a few close friends stuck with me, and I slowly improved. It took more time, but I finally realised that I couldn’t command how people acted toward me; I could only dictate how I acted toward others.

When I’m kind and friendly to people, they are back to me. Some aren’t, but that’s ok. Numerous times, I have made an assumption about a person only to find the opposite the next time I see them or speak to them. The saying goes, ‘You never know what someone’s going through’. I always try to smile and consider others’ feelings, but that doesn’t mean I will let people hurt me, either.

My work with Nexus Education is mainly sourcing and sharing educators’ blogs and providing a safe space to share their thoughts. We have been successful because we don’t put pressure on teachers; we know they already have enough of that!

We are patient and kind and so thankful to everyone in our community, and I consider many of them friends.

Thank you for reading my entry to #edukindnessblog

Rhiannon Challenger

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