Why Choose Kindness? – Penny Whelan

Why Choose Kindness? – Penny Whelan

Why Choose Kindness?

Be kind. How often have you heard that said? But how kind are we daily? Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our world’s challenges and difficulties that we forget our impact on others.

I know there have certainly been days when I’ve been annoyed, angry, or irritated, and I’ve not been very kind to others. I’ve said mean things about people or those who didn’t deserve it, all because I was unhappy. I didn’t stop to think about the power of my words and actions. I didn’t know how I might have made someone else feel as bad as I was feeling. And what did it achieve? Certainly nothing good.

So I made the decision the practice kindness every single day. Sometimes that’s harder than others, and it depends on how I’m feeling, but it always makes me feel better, and hopefully, it makes someone else feel better too.

Then I started talking to the children in school about practising Kindness, and we participated in the Kindness Matters 30-Day Challenge. It was amazing how such a short clip and simple daily task made them reflect on what they were doing. And the staff! It made us all think more and look for more opportunities to be kind to others, both in and out of school. And as for me… It made me a lot more aware of what I say and do. I practice Kindness and shut out all negative emotions (as challenging as that can be).

Sometimes it’s small gestures; a smile, holding the door open, a kind word or a compliment. Sometimes it’s something bigger where I go out of my way to try and do something unexpectedly kind for someone else. But no matter how big or small, the impact is still huge. When Kindness touches you, it leaves a lasting impression and lifts your mood. And wouldn’t the world be far nicer if people were happier and kinder to each other? What can you do to be kind to someone today?

Penny Whelan, Primary Teacher/Assistant Head/SLE/SENCO/EAL/ELSA

Hillborough Junior School, Luton.

Twitter @pennywpennyw

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