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Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.

This is a story of how kind words from leaders in education saved Rock Kidz from doing what they were destined to do…To Rock Kidz education and life.

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much. – Blaise Pascal

Kindness Kept us Going.

In August 2020, the Rock Kidz team and I gathered at the Joseph Holt pub in Warrington during the “Eat Out to Help Out” initiative. For many, this was a cherished time as friends and families reunited after what felt like an eternity apart. However, for Rock Kidz, it was a dismal period. The pandemic had abruptly cancelled 36 weeks’ worth of work, leaving us uncertain and struggling to find a way forward.

Like many others, we turned to producing online content, hoping it would sustain us during these challenging times. But generating enough revenue even to pay our now reduced wages proved an uphill battle. Our founder, Simon (@rockkidzsi), laid bare the harsh reality of our financial situation. He somberly suggested that we might have to give up on Rock Kidz altogether and seek alternative jobs.

This heartbreaking revelation left us feeling defeated. All the hard work and dedication we had poured into Rock Kidz amounted to nothing. However, what followed was an extraordinary testament to the power of kindness and belief in a shared dream.

Amidst our darkest hour, we were blessed by the unwavering support of significant individuals who refused to see Rock Kidz fade away. A family member stepped forward, providing us with an interest-free loan, believing in our mission and us as individuals. Their act of kindness gave us a glimmer of hope.

Moreover, our spirits were lifted by the kind and encouraging words from family and friends who cheered us on from the sidelines. It reminded us that our work had touched lives and had a positive impact, even if the road ahead seemed uncertain.

Then, out of the blue, an unexpected ray of light entered our lives. Only Chris Dyson (@chrisdysonHT) contacted us and invited us to visit Parklands Primary School in Leeds. His support and encouragement were invaluable; he even tweeted about us without prompting. But he didn’t stop there – Chris generously paid in full for us to visit Kyrstie Stubbs (@KyrstieStubbs), The Tattooed Headteacher at Boothroyd Primary School.

In that pivotal meeting with Kyrstie, we felt overwhelming encouragement and support. Though the exact words escape me now, her belief in our vision left us feeling ten feet tall. Her positivity and encouragement breathed new life into Rock Kidz, giving us the confidence to forge ahead, no matter the challenges.

To our amazement, Kyrstie didn’t just stop supporting us with kind words. She got us into other schools to experience Rock Kidz, and the word was out in more about our unique experience for primary schools began to spread further afield.

Rock Kidz began to thrive with the support of Chris, Kyrstie, and many others on Twitter. By September 2021, we had gone from visiting one school per week to an impressive three schools per week. A month later, in October, we were visiting five schools per week. As of this year, a standard week for Rock Kidz involves visiting an astounding ten schools per week.

Of course, our determination and hard work played a significant role in our growth, as did the strong connections we fostered. But it was the kindness of individuals that was the spark that reignited the flame of hope and passion within us.

In conclusion, the incredible journey of Rock Kidz exemplifies the power of kindness and support. When faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, the compassion and belief of others helped us rise again. From a state of uncertainty and despair, Rock Kidz now stands tall, enriching the lives of almost 100,000 children this year. 

Do not underestimate the power of kindness. Do not underestimate the power your words of encouragement can have on someone. 

Your words could inspire someone to persevere. 

Your words can catapult someone’s career. 

Your words could give someone the confidence they didn’t know they had. 

Your words can encourage the people around you to be more than they believe. 

Your kindness could be just what someone needs.

In the famous words of Blaise Pascal

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.”

Conclusion: Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.

This blog concludes that the spoken word can impact people’s lives; how when someone is at their darkest moment or not, it can dramatically change their day, week, and future. I believe it’s important never to forget the power we all possess with our words. I love this quote by some guy called John Magee…Your words have tremendous power. Use them to help people, not harm them.

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