“You cannot catch COVID by holding hands.”Saira Saeed

“You cannot catch COVID by holding hands.” – Saira Saeed

“It’s alright, love; you can’t catch COVID by holding hands. And you’re important to me. I want to make sure you’re OK, Saira.” 

The date – 6th February – will be ingrained in my mind forever. The day a beautiful and kind-hearted nurse whispered these words to me. 

The day after, I almost died. Her name? I hate to admit it, but I can’t remember – I was too ill and drained from the harrowing experiences of the day before. 

Her face, however, is as clear as day when I close my eyes. Sapphire blue eyes that emanated love, silver hair cropped like a model on the cover of a fashion magazine and a smile that was nothing short of motherly. 

I had almost lost my life on 5th February and was in the Critical Care Ward before being moved to the Respiratory Ward the following day. 

This silver-haired angel was a Critical Care nurse who had come to check on me to ensure that my health had not deteriorated again following my move. 

That’s all she had to do: blood, breathing checks etc. and then leave. The reality? She undertook all the necessary medical checks but then stayed at my bedside for almost half an hour following the checks, holding my hand and telling me how strong I was and how good a recovery I would make. 

Her sonorous voice would have brought joy to anyone who had heard it, but to me, at that time, her words meant the world. In my isolation, they gave me companionship. 

In my despair, they gave me hope. As far as I was concerned, God had chosen her to visit me because I needed her words, her smile, and her motherly hands cradling mine to keep me going at a time when my own family could not visit me due to COVID rules.

Nurses should be paid more than they should be for their physical work, let alone for the additional mental strain they endure daily. They do not get enough breaks during the day nor sufficient support for the many harrowing experiences they have to face in their wards. Nonetheless, they continue day-to-day with smiles on their weary faces. 

What this nameless Godsend did was something that was not just above and beyond her call of duty…It was the epitome of human kindness itself. I do not know where she is now, as I never saw her again. 

However, I know this much; her act of kindness will live with me for the rest of my life.  

Saira Saeed

Secondary SLT & Teacher

Twitter @SafeSENCOSaeed

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