The Power of Personal Pride: Nurturing Kindness, Fulfilment, and Recognition

Hey, fabulous educators and champions of all things awesome! Today, let’s dive into a topic that often gets overshadowed by the glittering stars of kindness and gratitude….. let’s talk about PRIDE! Yep, that warm, fuzzy feeling accompanies your victories, big or small.

Now, I’m all about quick, easy, and free ways to make ourselves and the people around us feel fantastic. Kindness and gratitude? Super fans over here! But let’s remember our good friend, Pride, who deserves more spotlight.

What’s Pride Got to Do with It?

First, let’s clear the air on what we mean by Pride. It’s that satisfaction that bubbles up when you’ve nailed something, personal or professional. Picture it: warm fuzzies, delight, pure joy. That sweet victory dance you do when you’ve conquered a challenge. We feel it most after pushing through a tough time or giving sustained effort.

Now, here’s the kicker. We need to pause and give our personal Pride a little more love. It’s like kindness and gratitude’s cool cousin and deserves its time in the sun.

Proud Problems? Let’s Fix That!

When chatting about Pride, one hiccup is that we often link it to grand gestures, enormous achievements, or overcoming colossal adversities. But, hey, I’m here to tell you that Pride isn’t just for the big guns. It’s for everyone, big and small victories alike.

Imagine asking someone, “What are you proud of?” and getting that deer-in-the-headlights look. People over 30 might throw out family achievements, career milestones, or conquering Everest. But our younger pals? They might feel like they still need to hit those significant milestones. 

Let’s change that narrative!

Cue the Drumroll for… The Good News!

Finding things to be proud of? It’s a breeze! Just shift your gaze from the grand moments to the tiny triumphs. Enter what I like to call “difficult daily dos.” These are your everyday tasks that seem simple but can be sneakily challenging. Three of mine are:

  1. Escaping the snooze button in the morning.
  2. Conquering 30 press-ups and sit-ups before and after bedtime.
  3. Kicking the coffee habit in the afternoon.

Sure, they might not sound like Olympic feats, but trust me, most days, they’re a real challenge. And for that reason, they’re worthy of a hearty pat on the back!

Difficult Daily Dos: Because We’re All Superheroes

Now, your intricate daily dos might be different from mine. It could include herding cats or deciphering the scribbles on student papers. Regardless, the pause to recognize these moments is universal. We’re all rocking our capes in our way!

Why Recognising Pride is the Coolest Thing Ever

So, why bother giving a shout-out to our victories? Well, buckle up because here are five reasons that might convince you:

  1. Sense of Achievement: That warm, fuzzy feeling? Yeah, we love it. It’s like a virtual high-five from the universe.
  2. Increases Confidence: Pat yourself on the back, and watch your confidence soar! It’s like a superhero cape for your self-assurance.
  3. Enhances Motivation: Recognizing victories build momentum. It’s like a snowball effect—you achieve, want more, and conquer the world (okay, maybe just your to-do list).
  4. Validation of Effort: Ever felt like your time and energy invested in something paid off? That’s the sweet sound of validation, my friend.
  5. Positive Self-Regard: Embrace that positive self-evaluation. You’re a rockstar; acknowledging it adds a glittery sheen to your awesomeness.

The Prize for Winning? It’s Pride!

And for our young scholars who constantly ask, “What’s the prize if I/we win?”—drumroll again, please—it’s PRIDE!

Let’s make Pride the ultimate trophy, reminding everyone that acknowledging your achievements is the real victory.

So, fellow educators, let’s revel in our victories, big and small. Whether it’s conquering a challenging lesson plan or successfully navigating the chaotic waters of a school day, let Pride be the prize we all cherish! 

Conclusion: The Power of Personal Pride: Nurturing Kindness, Fulfilment, and Recognition

So let’s toast the unsung achievements, the quiet victories that whisper, “You got this.” Remember, pride isn’t a mountain to climb; it’s a smile for every step you take. Go forth, bask in the sunshine of self-celebration, and light the way for others to do the same.

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