The Unseen Power of Kindness.

“The Unseen Power of Kindness: Stories of Transformation”

This blog by Michael Bogg is a heartfelt exploration of kindness’s transformative and long-lasting power. It emphasizes that kindness, although often unseen and unmeasurable, is a seed that can be planted and stored in the minds of individuals forever.

Kindness is not quantifiable or measurable, it is often not dramatic or extravagant, and it usually exists unseen by many…however it is transformational and long-lasting…it is a seed that, when planted, could take many years to bloom, but rest assured each time we sow a little kindness it lays a seed that can in that person’s mind be held and stored forever.

I wanted to share three types of kindness – spontaneous kindness…corporate, and collective kindness…sacrificial.

Spontaneous Kindness

As a very young couple, we discovered we were unexpectedly expecting a child. We had moved 100 miles from our families to study, enjoying only three weeks of living together. Our son arrived three months premature and critically ill…he was blue-lighted another 100 miles to another city we journeyed to. We had no family or friends nearby. It appeared we were alone with a critically ill child until an act of spontaneous kindness. We received an email from a couple living in Bath who had heard our plight and had a similar experience years ago. They offered to travel to Birmingham to keep us company at our child’s bedside. Our son is now 17 and thriving (and annoying in equal measure). That simple sacrificial Kindness from Sue and Martin will never be forgotten…I am eternally grateful.

Corporate and Collective Kindness

I work in a school with above-average SEND and PP. We also have a 34-space Autism Resource Base. We often take pupils who have, for one reason or another, suffered rejection by others. 4 years ago, a new pupil joined us. On the first day, his distress meant he had a rock in his hand and was approaching me – hand raised. I remained seated, and he continued to come. The rock struck me directly in the forehead. He wanted to test us…whenever something like this happens, we always ensure that we finish the day with the message, “We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” Fast forward to today, this young man is looking forward to mainstream secondary; he is a changed person. We are so proud of his achievements; continued everyday acts of kindness by a network of adults as a planned intervention have changed his outlook on life and the opportunities he will have.

Sacrificial Kindness

This is when a colleague needs someone to listen, and you have a report to write. It is the phone call to a parent to offer a listening ear when you still have books to mark. It is the time given at the weekend to find the toy or magazine for the child in your class who has struggled to come to school. It stops in the street to ask a lost person if they need help.

It is taking time to give some of your time to make a difference…to listen, and make someone feel heard…it is sitting with your friend in a dark place and being there with them. I see these acts daily at work and from my friends and family. To all those people, I say thank you…, and I know the acts you will give to colleagues, parents, children, and family each day.

Conclusion: “The Unseen Power of Kindness: Stories of Transformation”

Kindness can grow and be cultivated… kindness can be spontaneous or strategic, planned or sacrificial…or a combination of the above. It is often choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.…please continue your acts of kindness repeatedly…unseen and unacknowledged they may be…you never know the life-long memories you are sowing. Thank you for making the world a better place.

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