Choose Kindness

What is stopping you from spreading more kindness in the world today?

I will tell you what is stopping you “nothing.”

It still amazes me that most people forget that kindness is FREE!

I believe we all do kindness in one form or another, here is the thing imagine what would happen if before you went to bed every night, and you decided what act of kindness you were going to do the next day.

It could be to choose to smile at every single person you make eye contact with for the complete day; it could be to open as many doors for people in that day as possible with no expectation of reward.

I don’t know what you could choose, but I bet you know what you could choose to do with your kindness.

Just imagine how good you will feel and how good the receiver of your kindness would feel.

Let’s also not forget to be open to as many RAOK “random acts of kindness” that present themselves to us and to seize the moment and create them.

In my book Kindness Matters and the 30-day challenge, I give 100’s of kindness ideas on how to apply more kindness daily and how to make it part of your lifestyle.

I am not writing this to influence you to buy my book well not unless you want to split with your hard earned cash lol.

You can do the 30-day challenge for free visit you can also get lots of ideas from my YouTube channel via my website.

At the end of the day with everything that is going on in the world, a little more kindness will do us all more good than harm.

I will finish this blog as I started it.

What is stopping you from spreading more kindness in the world today?

Thank you for your kindness

John Magee

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