Food for thought

Not many things make my blood boil. One thing that I still work with to manage my state is seeing people wasted food.

I know I speak on behalf of number of communities when it comes to donating food to the foodbank. Some years back, Blackburn with Darwen council put this initiative into place in order to help so many families on the breadline who are living in poverty.

What I love about this project is the means by which it engages individuals to think about how appreciative they should be of the abundance of food we have in our cupboards, fridge, or freezers. I mean as you are reading this, how much food do you have?

One of the things I like to do on a regular basis is to shop at the local stores that offer lots of bargains as this allows me to buy stuff in bulk.

Toiletries are always popular particularly for ladies, another thing I have found when speaking with members of the public who are living on the street is SOCKS and GLOVES. I mean anything is always well received.

Whether you are like me, do your covert kindness, and do the shop or make it a part of your working week.

Some years ago, I was the guest speaker at Nightsafe which is for young people who have no accommodation, they offer a short stay until the young people can hopefully find somewhere to live.

The reason I was so passionate about this in the early 1990’s was that me and my Mum was homeless for over two years; this was one of the most challenging times of my life and my mother’s life. It is funny how I appreciate every bite and chew when I eat food, and most of all, when I go to bed in a warm, cozy bed. I do the same thing every night and say to myself “how grateful I am for my bed” and I send love and light to many people who will be sleeping that night with no bed and a hungry belly.

I actually believe that donating just a little food and toiletries each week will make a difference; I will leave it with you, kind of say it food for thought.

Thank you for your kindness everyone.


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