Rich in Kindness – High School Keynote

Inspire and motivate your students to understand the benefits of practising kindness with the UK Kindness Ambassador for schools, John Magee, The Kindness Coach.

  • Could your students be kinder to each other and the staff?
  • Are your students in need of an effective and motivational message?
  • Do you want your students to be challenged by their aspirations, attitudes and aptitudes?
  • Do you feel some of the students are not believing in themselves?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Motivational Speaker John Magee, “The Kindness Coach”, and UK Kindness Ambassador for Schools, has a powerful and thought-provoking story to share. It is guaranteed to inspire and motivate your students to understand how every action they take has consequences.

With brutal honesty, John’s Inspirational Keynote will guide your pupils through his remarkable life journey, from a boy heading in the wrong direction to the author who founded the UK school’s “Kindness Matters 30 Day Challenge.”

An expert at making anecdotes relevant, engaging and insightful, John will enable your students to understand the critical importance of education and learning.

He will help your students develop an awareness of their choices and highlight the consequences your students’ choices have on their short- and long-term future.

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