Busy, busy, busy! The story of my life, however, I do have my MOMENTS where I embrace the moment thanks to my pal Eckart Tolle.
It was Thursday afternoon and in between meeting my Mother put it on my toes to go and buy her some weighing scales (honestly they was for Mum) 🙂
Upon arriving at the local Argos store, I noticed a young man who appeared to be down on his luck and what I perceived as being homeless as he begged for change outside the store.
My Mother had given me £10 and the scales where £7 I thought to myself I am quite sure the £3 CHANGE would be of more use to the chap.
I approached the chap and he asked (any spare CHANGE?)

I kindly asked him his name and our eyes connected with one another, and I felt a warm glow from him as in WHY would I ask him his name? He said to me, “my name is Wayne, like Wayne Rooney of Manchester UTD but I don’t support them” and then he started laughing. I asked him if he would like something to eat or drink? He said he was not hungry but would like a cherry coca cola.
I went into Boots and bought him the drink and came back out and knelt down shook his hand and said to him very nice to meet you WAYNE my name is John, and hopefully, I will see you again.
I suppose we see lots of people like Wayne in society and speaking from personal experience it is not nice when you are in a dark place, and you have no home or a bed to sleep in but do you know what is nice when you experience somebody’s kindness.
When I see an addict, homeless person or somebody I perceive as being down on their luck I say to myself that is some Mothers child/baby who is probably worried sick where there son/daughter is. I also think to myself what is their story that life has got that bad and chewed them up and spat them out.

The bittersweet truth is no amount of money is going to change their circumstances, but we can give them something that money can’t buy which will improve their mental state of mind and overall well-being. Which is our TIME, and with our time we give them our kindness, and I believe you can’t put a price on your service.

Just by talking to somebody in Wayne’s position can and will have a massive impact on their world let alone their day.
If you choose to buy someone food that is your choice, I prefer not to give cash as I have lost so many friends to substance misuse and most people in this position tend to spend the money on drugs or alcohol.
And although it is not for me to tell anybody how to live their life it is my choice to think about their overall wellbeing.

The next time you are out and about, and you come across someone like Wayne remind yourself;

  • The person I am looking at is a Mothers baby/son/daughter
  • They did not choose to be in that position
  • Who am I to judge
  • What pain they are going through
  • How my kindness will impact them in a positive manner

Thank you for your kindness, I will leave you with a parting gift from one of my role models.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou