Keep smiling

“A smile is a wrinkle that shouldn’t be removed.”

I love smiling.

There is something magical that when you smile at somebody and they smile back, how it makes you feel.

The feeling comes from a chemical called Oxytocin which is the love hormone “hobba, hobba, choo, choo 🙂

Just last week, I was contacted by one of my followers, a Lady called Anna on my Instagram account form Poland, and she teaches high schools girls and what they do as a daily commitment for their RAOK “random acts of kindness” is to smile every day.

You would not believe what they did for me and Kindness Matters, they sent me an amazing video saying how grateful they were to be part of the global movement, and how passionate they are about kindness and most of smiling at people.

People often say to me that is all well and good, John, but a few people can be so inconsiderate and not smile back, and I always reply the same answer. I do not give to receive, and I cannot change anybody’s behavior, but I can change mine, and as the old saying goes “when you smile the whole world smiles with you.”

It’s funny how some people would choose not to smile at random strangers when it is so easy to do and here is the thing (IT’S FREE), it costs nothing at all and very little if no time to action.

Anna and her students say “A smile is a beautiful thing to wear every day” Just imagine if each day you gave your smile to people as often as possible, what that act of kindness would do for you, the receiver, and likely someone who witnessed your interaction. Despite your conditions, you can always discover reasons to control through any trial with a smile on your face. I know for a fact that the circumstances I didn’t feel like smiling were the circumstances I required it the most

Keep smiling everyone “”A smile is a wrinkle that shouldn’t be removed.”

Thank you for your kindness.

#Kindness Matters