Kindness is a choice

I am on a mission this year and one of my primary outcomes I have while out on the road delivering my kindness matters keynote is to help everyone who hears my message understand this.


I believe it is one of the most significant responsibilities we have is how we treat each.

Do you think it is important to treat people how you would like to be treated?

Some people talk a good talk and then when someone cuts them up while driving a car or pushes in front of them in a cue they CHOOSE to give them a piece of their mind rather than a bit of their heart.

It’s fair to say we have all been there when we lose our temper.

Just imagine though if we took a step back and reflected on our behaviour and more importantly our CHOICES how different our social interactions would be with people we perceive as being a pain in the a*se

What if when you felt that fire building up in your gut whereby, you want to give someone both barrels that you CHOSE to take full control and responsibility for your emotions and LET IT GO whatever emotion it was that you were wrestling with.

Here is the thing there is nothing more certain than change, and we sometimes perceive people as getting on our threepenny bits 🙂

You see that is where lies the problem because all of our reality is perceptually based which means it our interpretation of external events.

Happiness is and always will be an inside job, and until we can learn to manage and self-regulate how we are processing stuff on the inside, we will carry on repeating old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us and more importantly cause us to suffer and others too.

I always remember my Mum saying when we were kids count to ten John if you get angry.

I get it now what Mum was saying however now I use affirmations.

Here is an affirmation I love from Ho’oponopono practice.

I say this internally when I feel a negative emotion rising.

“Whatever this negative feeling is that is coming up inside of ME whether I know where this feeling is coming from consciously or subconsciously please forgive me, I’m sorry, I Love You, thank you.”

I also say to myself “This shall soon pass, this shall soon pass.”

I repeat the affirmation until whatever it is that is showing up in my life at that time that is causing me some negative emotions passes.

In Ho’oponopono practice, it is all about taking 100% responsibility.

I genuinely believe that how we treat each other is our sole responsibility and we have to CHOOSE kindness because if you are not kind to your fellow brother or sister what are you being?

Thank you for your kindness