Kindness is the universal language

“Kindness is the universal language.”

Most of my Kindness Matters community know that I’ve recently been on my pilgrimage to see John of God in Abadiania Brazil.

When I booked my flights I was trying to save some pennies at the time I am travelling to Brazil is carnival time, and the flights go through the roof.

Unfortunately, I had made a mixup with my flight connections in Europe, which meant I was going have to fly from Brasilia to Lisbon, Lisbon to Porto, Porto back to Lisbon and then Lisbon to Manchester?

As I approached the checkout in Brasilia I felt an instant connection With the gentleman who was serving me he noticed straightaway the confusion and I asked would it be possible to save me the time and the messing about as in Manchester they would not change the ticket.

You would not believe the random act of kindness what this man did he ran around for about an hour made lots of phone calls when there were hundreds of people in the queue?

Check this out he did it he change my flight, so I flew from Brasilia to Lisbon Lisbon to Manchester.

The things are guys he could if quite easily said not my problem pal that your ticket jog on dude?

As I write this now at the airport in Lisbon, I am just so grateful for this GENTLEMAN’S act of kindness.

It just goes to show there is no such thing as a small act of kindness

Can I encourage the whole of my kindness Matters community to take the time to be kind and to never underestimate the power of KINDNESS and more importantly your time you can give to a kind act.

Take the time to be kind and remember  “kindness is a universal language.”

Thank you for your kindness

John Magee