Kindness with Kenny

Is it important to be kind to animals? I want to think the answer to that question is a no brainer for the whole of our Kindness Matters Community.

Just outside my home is a beautiful tree which I have name Terry (the tree), and at the top of the tree, there is a crows nest with (Kenny the crow).

I have a morning ritual rain, hail or shine whereby when I wake up at 5 am I stick the kettle on and always say “Morning Terry” “Morning Kenny” it does fill my heart with joy.

However, one evening on a Saturday night I was in the kitchen it had gone dark it was about 10 pm when I hear Kenny crowing now when I say crowing he was going mental I thought what the heck? I looked out my window, and Kenny was on the ground, and he couldn’t fly I thought no way the cats will have his guts for garters, so I grabbed a towel, and my daughter Millie said what is it, Daddy? I told her its Kenny he is about to become cat food. Next news I came in with Kenny wrapped in a towel he was smelling of Deisel, so I did my best to clean him got him some bread and water and put him into the kitchen for the night. The following morning It’s fair to say he wanted to get out of my house as I reckon he thought he was going to go in my fan assisted oven.

I took him outside and let him free out of the towel as he took off he landed on a nearby tree and looked back at me and let’s say we both shared a moment.

Thank you for your kindness

John Magee

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