Letting go!

“When you let go you create space for something better.”

Its Saturday the 29th of September and I have just had the most profound experience. Last night before bed I permitted myself to sleep in a little later than usual I woke the next morning at 8:30 am appose to my usual 5 am. I made my way to the kitchen for a glass of fresh cold water. I do like a glass of water when waking followed by a lovely cup of tea.
I put some music on and then got a load of dirty laundry and put it in the wash and then prepared some eggs for breakfast.
While making my breakfast, I looked outside my kitchen window and said good morning to Terry the tree facing my house I kid you not I have named him Terry the tree. As I gave thanks for the morning I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing Terry was shedding his leaves and because it was windy, it looked like it was snowing leaves. At that moment I stood there feeling the most fantastic bliss Terry was doing nothing but just letting go I felt kind of sad seeing all his beautiful green leaves falling to the ground, but I had to accept that he has no control over his transformation as he gets ready for the coming Autumn season.

“When you let go you create space for something better.”

Isn’t it funny that as human beings we hold on to so many things that cause us suffering and refuse just to let them go? As I write this blog I am asking myself what I am still holding onto that is not allowing me to create space in my life for something better. I believe we can learn so much from nature and after all are we not part of nature? Just like Terry we can trust the process and let go.
I recalled some years ago I was going through a very challenging time with one of my children and I was finding it so hard to let go of all the emotion inside even with all the inner work I had done and all the resources I had it was still challenging.

“We have all the resources, or we can create them.”

At this time in my life, I was reading a book called “Change your Thoughts, Change your Life”, by the late great Dr Wayne Dyer and Wayne shared an affirmation, which was “I forgive you and surround you with love and light and also do the same for myself.” I mastered this affirmation in my morning practice, and this helped me let go of a lot of things I was holding onto that were not helping me and causing me to be upset. When we can let go of the stuff that does not serve us in life, we can and will create space for new things. Please don’t get me wrong it can be challenging, but the good news is with daily practice and commitment we can let go of what does not serve us and move forward with our lives.
There are lots of resources on YouTube and if you are anything like me and love affirmations then look up the work of Louise Hay or Dr Wayne Dyer for a refreshing way and to gain a deeper understanding of how to be kind to yourself.

Until next time…

Thank you for your kindness

Johnny Magee