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John Magee Inspirational Speaker “Transforming students lives daily with Kindness.”

Are your students in need of effective, motivational messages from a fresh voice? Do you want your learners to be challenged on their aspirations, attitudes and aptitudes?

Inspirational Speaker John Magee, has a powerful and unique story to share. With brutal honesty, he will guide your pupils through his remarkable life journey, from the boy who was heading in the wrong direction… to the author who started a global movement. An expert at making his anecdotes relevant, John is certain to help enable your students to understand the significance of education and to develop an awareness of the impacts of risk-taking behaviour from the choices they make daily.

Making the right choices in life is not an ability that we are all magically born with; it has to be learned, like any other skill. Through his lively presentations and personable approach, his message is clear, and through this message, he influences young people to identify what is holding them back from achieving a roadmap to academic success and self-worth.

‘Roadmap to Success’

A key signpost of John’s mantra is ‘life is all about choices and from your choices comes the ability for you to take action and, from your actions, there are always consequences.’ Once your students understand that every action can hold a positive and negative consequence, they can take responsibility for their actions and choices to create a ‘roadmap to success’.

The 30 Day Challenge

Be part of the global movement and commit your students to an opportunity for self-development. Give them the chance to embark on a path of self-development by taking the ‘Kindness Matters’ 30 Day Challenge; it will give them the life/social skills that will benefit them advantageously with behavioural and attitudinal choices each day. Furthermore, and more importantly, it will help them reflect on their actions and the positive consequences they can create for themselves, their peers and members of their wider community. The highly-recommended ‘Kindness Matters’ 30 Day Challenge will bolster your learners’ approaches to the following:

  • Aspirations
  • Social interactions
  • Behaviour
  • Self Confidence
  • Attitudes toward learning
  • Respect
  • Community cohesion

When students buy into this perspective, they understand how much ‘Kindness Matters’ and the value it holds in a world where, sometimes, they place self-made barriers which often impedes their growth as individuals and community members. Kindness can be a lifestyle choice and, under the inspiring guidance of John Magee, young people are handed the chance to enhance their ability to navigate their ‘roadmap to success.’ With Kindness Matters.

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