Self Care

How do you define self-care?

I have to admit I do struggle with being kind to myself as I have a default to go out of my way to be helpful to others and the consequences of this type of this behaviour are I tend to forget about myself.

At the back end of February, I was hit by a tsunami of grief which followed a depression. I can honestly say I had never felt like this ever before in my life I genuinely did not know what this feeling was I just felt so very sad.

My Mother sadly died at the back end of October last year, and I just went into overload with work to keep my self busy building my and growing my Kindness movement which I thought would help me take my mind off the massive loss. I couldn’t have been further away from the truth.

The ramifications of these choices hit me hard and although I love what I do and do what I love the wind just got taken out of my sales because I forgot to step back and have some self-loving kindness for myself.

I opened up to my partner, my best friend and a family member as I felt alone in this grieving process and sometimes still do.

Whether you are going through grief, a turbulent relationship or a serious life challenge speak to a friend/family and do your best to find the things that make you happy here are the things that are slowly but surely helping me through my transition.

Speaking with a counsellor
Walking in nature
Funny movies
Cooking and eating good organic food

Remember, its good to talk and talking will make you feel good.

Thank you for your kindness

John Magee

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