The Kindness Coach

John Magee Inspirational Speaker “Transforming lives daily with Kindness.”

School Workshops and Staff Insets

Inspiring your pupils and staff to create a better, kinder world!

Your pupils will learn how to re-examine their choices, consciously choosing kindness in their interactions with fellow pupils as well as staff to build positive, long-lasting relationships. Together, we can make education a kinder place for all!

In a world of increasing intolerance – share a little kindness and give a lot of love.

My work is devoted to spreading kindness in the world. If you want to find out what I can bring to your school register now for more details!

If you want to create a spirit of kindness and compassion in your school let’s get started today!

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Corporate Speaking

Your staff will benefit from John’s experience, and the messages he shares with them is sure to transform their outlook on their work life.

John’s high energy and immensely positive approach to work-life will inspire and motivate your staff to act and apply daily kindness within the workplace.

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