Test and measure

What if I was to say to you that you can create more happiness in your life and that happiness is free.

Check this out guys whether you have read my best selling book Kindness Matters or not I share with the reader about when taking the 30 days challenge the many benefits for the giver and receiver of kindness.

You will never go wrong with kindness each day you are blessed to observe your acts of kindness unfold.

When I wake I set my intention for the day, some days it will be to smile at everyone I interact throughout the day, and yes you do get some people who will look at you like you have got two heads “oh well” that’s just part and parcel of practising daily kindness.

Another thing I do is give compliments or do my best to make people laugh as I know it makes me feel good, and other feel good too.

There is no right or wrong way to practice kindness its all about testing and measuring your kindness and when you notice something works well at work in the community or in general keep doing it.

Another thing to do is do an act of kindness out of your comfort zone possibly compliment someone who you have been struggling to communicate with; you know the type of person I am talking about the kind of person you would rather give them a piece of your mind rather than a bit of your heart. Ha ha.

We all know these type of people it’s the old “kill them with kindness” you will be surprised what good can come from doing this.

Happy hunting everyone let me finish by sharing one of my quotes with you.

“Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Thank you for your kindness

John Magee

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