The Challenge

A lot of people say to me “I always perform acts of kindness” and this is good to hear.

The 30 Day Challenge will make you more consciously aware of daily opportunities to apply more kindness into the world.

It is important I mention that once you have completed your 30 Days, you do not have to stop your good-will!

The 30 Days vision is to help you create a new synaptic habit of consciously performing more acts of kindness – both random and planned –throughout your daily life.

Throughout your 30 day challenge,  you will find lots of heartwarming stories of real life RAOK “random acts of kindness”, as well as daily hints, tips and original ways to apply more acts of kindness and RAOK, along with a journal to record your experience from your daily routine.

For myself personally, and all the members of our global community, I believe there is no better feeling than knowing that when you have gone out of your way to help another person, with no expectation of reward, how good it feels to know you have that power to take control of your actions and to apply them in a manner which reaps positive consequences as a result.

My invitation to you is to take the 30 Day Challenge and to encourage your family, your friends and every human being you come into contact with, to embrace and share the global vision of the Kindness Matters 30 day Challenge. It is crucial for you to go out of your way each day and take action to apply a minimum of one daily act of kindness – random or planned – with absolutely no expectation of reward.

Imagine the difference you will make in the world from taking the 30 Day Challenge?

“We are what we repeatedly do” – Aristotle.